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J. Foster Weems, DDS

Doctor J. Foster Weems

Dr. Weems started his quest to become a dentist at the tender age of 15 on a high school baseball practice field after having taken a scholastic aptitude test. Admittedly he was more interested in baseball than dentistry at the time. Not giving up completely on the baseball dream, later he was invited to try-out with the Philadelphia Phillies and the Cincinnati Reds. It wasn't until his college baseball coach at USC suggested that with his arm, he would make a better dentist than baseball player! Ouch! He completed his undergraduate studies at USC and went on to receive his Doctorate in Dental Surgery also from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry in 1987.

He went back to his hometown of Palmdale, CA. and took over for his retiring childhood dentist. It was a family affair for most of the 14 years he practiced there, having his sister manage the front office. He enjoyed being close to his family and being able to treat his childhood friends, teachers, coaches even principles. He and his wife Debbie (they went to junior high school together!), enjoy water skiing (he thought he was going to be a competitive slalom skier for a brief minute), snow skiing, biking, hiking, camping and traveling. Soon the family began and grew to 5, all three boys and even more active! In 2001, the Weems team relocated down to south Orange County and have been so happy they made that decision. Dr. Weems purchased his practice on Westcliff, which is now the newly remodeled beautiful building, and "treats everyone as I would my own family's" approach, it has grown from a 2&1/2 day a week practice to almost 6 days a week. He is constantly progressing with his treatment possibilities. He has completed multiple courses in advanced dental studies to treat cosmetic and bite issues as well as addressing the growing concerns of sleep disorders and sleep apnea.

He is also acutely aware of how the economy of 2008-9 affected the job market and listened to his patient's concerns about their ability to maintain their dental health. So, he created an "in-house" dental plan to allow patients who may have lost their insurance or even their jobs to keep up on their cleanings and maintain their health until they get through the tough patch. He also expanded his clinic hours to allow patients to have their cleanings before and after work hours so as not to have to take time away from their jobs. Today's update is that all three boys are in college now. The oldest is a mechanical engineer working full time and on his double master, the middle is a senior and the baby is a freshman. This leaves Dr. and Debbie's nest empty again. Next adventure!

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